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Graduated in Business Administration from ESPM-SP, he began his career in the financial market with stints at brokerage firm Ágora and family office Jade between 2006 and 2011, the year in which he founded LIVO. In late 2018, he became chairman of LIVO's board and is now devoting himself to launching new d2c businesses in the retail sector. LIVO was born of a concern: why is it so difficult to find design and quality products at an affordable price? Without a response to the height, the brand was launched in 2012 with the premise that designer glasses need not cost the eyes of the face. With Brazilian design, the LIVO glasses are all handmade in premium acetate, a manufacturing process with more than 40 steps. All models are named after their own names, a young and shrewd footprint that is the brand's identity. Seeing a better world is also part of the LIVO universe. Since its inception, the brand has invested in its own social project, BOOK FOR LIVO, which supports initiatives related to education. Today, for every eyeglass sold, a public school student is enrolled for one month in the Eduq + program, a platform that brings parents and school together. The brand has already signed collections in collaboration with Gloria Coelho, Pantone, Corona, Vert and Manu Gavassi.


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Arthur Blaj
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Arthur Blaj
Fundador da Livo Eyewear