Last Day Summary - Iguatemi Talks 2018

On the last day of the Iguatemi Talks the themes discussed were technology, research and behavior.  We began with a sustainability panel with Chiara Gadaleta and Cameron Saul, founder of Bottletop. “We have to change the scenario of one of the industries that most pollute the planet and turn it into an example. This is the new horizon of luxury”.


The second talk of the day, mediated by Patricia Carta, brought a reflection on creative collaborations between brands and was attended by  Alexandre Herchcovitch, Patricia Bonaldi

and Andrea Ribeiro from Hering. “When I want to attempt something new but don’t have the expertise, I look for specialists to collaborate with”, said Alexandre. Patricia Bonaldi shared her experiences with other brands and completed: “The collaborations give voice to relevant themes and transmit important messages which don’t focus only on financial return”. 


In the afternoon, Antonio Achille, a partner at McKinsey & Company, presented a panel about luxury in the digital era. “The faster a company produces its products, the more successful it’ll be in terms of sales, since it will deliver what the consumers want at that moment”. Parallel to this, the Lounge One welcomed fashion editor Lilian Pacce with her Masterclass “Green Wave – How to Deal with it and Communicate”, with themes on sustainability, life span of clothes and ecobags.


Next, Jorge Grimberg mediated the panel “Streetwear, the System Revolution” with the participation of Rony Rodrigues and Cristian Resende. Rony talked about the story and the advent of streetwear which began in the american suburbs, passing through hip hop until the present time. “Streetwear was born from the needs that tribes have of setting themselves apart”.  Cristian reinforced the importance of fashion events in our country, “SPFW and Iguatemi Talks are very important for the market to strengthen itself as a community”. Rony concluded the panel by debating about the new generation of consumers. “TrueGen is the generation that wants to connect to the truth, to follow authentic brands”. In Lounge One, the stylists  Flávia Lafer, Renata Corrêa and Rita Lazzarotti carried out a workshop with the theme, “How to change your image”.


Carolina Rocha from Google, talked about the new journey of fashion consumption in the digital means, the behavior and user profile on YouTube and how brands position themselves. “Beforehand, on platforms, the reach was scarce and the attention abundant, nowadays the reach is abundant and the attention is scarce”.


Giovanni Bianco received groups for mentoring as well as looking at portfolios and, after this, he joined Daniela Falcão and Donata Meirelles on a panel about the universe of fashion, changes in behavior and the future of magazines.  “Fashion today is not a trend, it’s behavior”, said Donata.


These three days were filled with an abundance of information and inspiration for the entire industry. Never has an event been so important in bringing together professionals and ideas to generate energy and new opportunities, getting out of the online universe and connecting to the real world.