Second Day Summary - Iguatemi Talks 2018

The second day of the Iguatemi Talks 2018 brought several topics of interest to the public, beginning with the expertise and global expansion of the CEO for the Arezzo Group, Alexandre Birman as well as a beauty workshop with Vanessa Rozan.  


“We’re so digital and we think we’re close to the people we admire, but quite often we need to be in events such at this to really feel close”, said Maria Prata during the opening of the day’s events. The master of ceremonies also showed the teaser for the new documentary about the trajectory of Daniela Falcao which she directed herself. For the first panel, Falcao interviewed Birman on the group’s international success, since they have stores in fashion capitals around the world, such as New York and Los Angeles. Consistency and good relationships are the keys to success”. Alexandre also enchanted the audience with personal strries about how he met Anna Wintour and the first celebrity that he dressed for the Oscar ceremony. Next, we had Li Edelkoort who took us on an inspirational journey  towards the future. With the “Folklore” theme, Li talked about the importance of regional culture in different parts of the world, whether in the Far East or the West. “In the past there were neither frontiers or defined areas”.  


In the afternoon, Joyce Pascowicht interviewed Reinaldo Lourenço. In a relaxed conversation, the fashion designer talked about the beginning of his career in a more optimistic economy with less competition, and also the importance of the references in the life of a stylist. “In fashion it’s important to have a repertoire”. Still on the subject of the fashion business, Natalie Klein talked with Lilian Pacce about the mistakes and successes in the management of the NK Store. “A moment of crisis is an incredible opportunity to redirect your compass, adjust your business and find a new purpose”.


Soon after it was time for  Costanza Pascolato, Consuelo Blocker, Ana Raia, Ucha Meirelles and Isabella Fiorentino to talk about the behavior tendency AGELESS. “The manner in which you  dress is the expression of who you are”, said Costanza. The day ended with Joerg Zuber, art director and creator of Noonoouri, as he talked with Camila Coutinho. Zouber told us that he always dreamed about raising a girl with long dark hair. The influencer poses with celebrities such as Bruna Marquezine and has done projects for great brands such as Burberry, KKW Beauty and Dior.

“I think fashion should be fun”.


It was a day filled with inspiration and ideas. Content that inspires everyone and turns into new opportunities.